Michle B - PVZ 0:3 (-14,-21,-17)

It was a great 3:0 day with babies and lovely sun, what do I want more?
My family must be proud of me and Olga(Oli sorry that I have to drag you with me so I won’t be the only target here) that we “small” people could play soutez :).
Petra and me (mainly) were stressed by the GPS and hoped to find playground for match that was when our neuro-psychology system was fully prepared for the game XD. Michle B surprised us with few short balls behind the blockers in the area of number 2 and 3 from the beginning and that’s the only threat I saw during the matches but we adapted for better defense for small balls soon and Hany Bany surprised them back with setter’s trick fairly.
Danca, Hany and Petra kindly asked me not to help the block from middle (in English and Czech, slower motion….that was very funny, ne-po-má-hej). Girls are so nice that they wish to save me some energy for spiking instead of blocking XD. Thanks for the reminder from Danca that we don’t block the line for number 1 defense position.      
Overall, we were good considering it was the first match of the season. There is always space to improve like better receiving and everything, which we will achieve that is for sure :) Thank you all, I enjoyed a lot and very happy to play with you not helping to block from middle XDXDXD.